Scientetiq is a worldwide team of professionals specializing in system integration and software development

  • Enterprise applications
  • New Business Approaches
  • Business Applications
  • Unified IT landscape


  • Maintenance and development of additional functionality for an internal system based on SAP ERP for a leading airline
  • Information system designed to track transactions related to the excisable goods based on cloud SAP S/4HANA for a major retail network

Customer Experience Management:

  • Customer request management system for a large airline company
  • Unified customer profile for a retail chain
  • Unique customer profile for a popular airline

Marketing Campaign Management Solutions:

  • Optimization system for creating, sending, and analyzing marketing campaigns for a large airline company
  • Inter-operator data exchange system for a toll road operator company


  • Improving the efficiency of business processes for a bank
  • Analysis and optimization of an external payments process for a telecom operator
  • Optimization of the process of issuing loans to individuals for a bank
  • Improving the efficiency of IT support for a retail company
  • Improving the efficiency of a complex procurement process for a bank
  • Optimization of direct delivery routes for a large retail chain
  • Optimization of transport logistics for a postal company
  • Optimization of railcar fleet management for a large freight company
  • Optimization of personnel management for a large airline company

High Load Solutions:

  • Development of a customer analytics platform for a major airline
  • Implementation of a Unified Digital Customer Profile for a retail company

Forecasting and Dynamic Pricing:

  • Fare management system for a transportation company
  • Pricing management and demand forecasting for a construction company

Custom Software Development: Web Portals and Mobile Apps:

  • Crisis management portal for a major airline company
  • Mobile application for on-board merchandise trading for airlines
  • Mobile application development for a toll road operator


  • Automation of contractor verification for a marketplace

System Integration:

  • Integration of AMOS MRO system and SAP S/4HANA for a large airline company
  • Automated continuous airworthiness maintenance and aircraft MRO system for a large airline company